It’s been now a long time that Congolese women have suffered carrying heavy loads on their heads and backs. This made most of them fall sick and get complications and a good number died of consequences arising from the carrying of the heavy loads.
In helping them off load some of the luggages, MHCD Mission in Health Care and Development started a programme called bicycle for health and development that helps in the distribution of new and strong bicycles to vulnerable women, widows and raped victims.
We are launching a women offload campaign for the sake of raising funds and requesting all well wishers to support this noble course. One bicycle cost USD120 and in our program we are looking to get 300 bicycles that we shall be distributing to women in 5 villages namely Luvungi, Lubarika, Sange, Kiliba and Mutarule.This will be like a gift for the women, we kindly request for your generous support in the form of a special gift in purchasing of bicycles for these vulnerable women. Bicycles are like gold in Uvira District meaning many people value it so much and it helps them a lot in day to day activities like carrying harvest from their farms, carrying water from the river, as an ambulance transporting children to hospital or health centre’s when sick and in the distribution of birthing kits. We shall be very grateful to receive your kind gift.

Uvira district is located in South Kivu Province, East of Democratic Republic of Congo. It borders 4 countries namely Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia on Lake Tanganyika. Its Geographical situation makes it a unique District but also it has caused the inhabitants to suffer so much because most of the war that happened in Congo began in Uvira District. People lived in very difficult situation and poverty.UN report shows more than 5 million people lost their lives in Congo due to war. This brought rise in widows, orphans and many women were rape victims.

Major economic activity is agriculture which is carried out by almost 80% of the population. There are few people involved in small business activities. Most men do not have the white collar jobs and it’s on the women shoulders to feed their families. This has caused women to do hard tasks like digging, carry heavy loads on their heads and backs for more than 20 kms to get to the market, fetch water for long distances and many other heavy tasks. Due to the insecurity in some of the villages and thus farm lands, the women are not able to go to the farms due to fear of being raped. This has caused many families to lead extremely difficult lives. You will find there are so many children suffering from malnutrition in the villages, many people are losing lives due to lack of proper healthcare especially the children and women.

In bringing a solution to all these problems, The NGO  MHCD Mission in Health care and Development under the leadership of Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba started development activities in Uvira District to reduce poverty and improve lives of people.A 50 bed Hospital was built and equipped in Luvungi village, medical clinics and other health centres were opened in Kasenga Uvira and other villages of Uvira District, rehabilitation and reeducation centre was built so as to help the physically handicapped children,Kamujeri bridge and the Luvungi community market was built for the sake of bringing economic development to the village, we opened a nutritional centre in Kiliba and Luvungi for the sake of providing free medical care and food to the malnutritioned children, we opened a nursery and primary school in  Kahororo,Sange,Lubarika and Luvungi village for the provision of free education to orphaned and other vulnerable children.Dr.Luc mulimbalimba together with the community of Luvungi managed to build a micro-hydro power station for the sake of development. He also started a community Radio and TV  station which educates the community on different topics of community development and Health. All this activities helped change lives of people and bring development in the District.

Women receive new bicycles

As I said earlier on, 80% of the population carries out agriculture. The women are the ones on the frontline to work and provide for the family but the big problem is that many women are leading difficult lives due to poverty. They wake up in the morning and go to their farms to plough. After almost the whole day working out in the farms, they take some of their harvest home which is about 50kgs and they have to walk 20kms by foot. This has caused many women to develop diseases like back aches, headaches and gynecological disorders. Some other pregnant women who also carry such loads miscarry due to complication.

In bringing a durable solution to this problem, MHCD has began a campaign called Women offload campaign. This campaign is involved with the sensibilisation of the community and distribution of bicycles to the women and girls so they can carry their luggages on the bicycles other than the backs or on head. This is the Bicycle for Health and Development Programme.Our vision is to provide 300 new and strong bicycles to vulnerable women (widows, young girls born out of wedlock, raped victims etc).The bicycles will not only carry farm produce but will also be used in carrying goods for sale to the markets, will help carry water from the river and as an ambulance to carry the sick to health centres.

Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba has already started this programme by providing bicycles to some women and this has brought great impact and change to the lives of many women in the villages of Uvira District. We are calling upon all well-wishers to join hands with us in this campaign that we have so that we may be able to realize this vision of providing 1000 bicycles to the vulnerable women. You can help us through spreading the word to your friends and families, your church and other organizations.

Other women receiving free bicycles from MHCD

For more information please contact Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba.

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Thank you in advance for joining us in this project.