In December 2013, we received a container of wheelchairs donated by Wheelchairs for Kids and transportation was done by World Vision Australia. Before we received the container, there were so many handicapped children coming to the Luvungi Hospital and they were suffering so much because they did not have any equipment to help them move. Some who were lucky to learn had to go in the hard sun crawling for more than 2 km and they suffered greatly. In looking for a solution to this problem, we opened a rehabilitation centre at Luvungi Hospital but the main challenge we were facing was we did not have wheelchairs to assist them in movement.


By good luck while I was in Australia in February 2013 I contacted wheelchairs for Kids Australia and they promised us a container of wheelchairs which they sent to us and the transportation was paid by the World Vision Australia. The wheelchairs are already in Uvira and we are waiting for the orthopedic Doctor from Nairobi who shall train the MHCD staffs on fixing and managing the wheelchairs.


At our rehabilitation centre we recieved the children from different villages of Uvira District and South Kivu Province. We also recieve children from the neighboring countries Burundi and Rwanda. MHCD ambulance goes around villages to pick up physically handicapped children that cant afford to pay transport fare to the Hospital. We have other services that we provide for handicapped children and adults.

We really need voluteers like physiotherapists, Orthopedists and any health professions working with handicaps.