Dr. Luc educating the community about epilepsy.Epilepsy is a disease that was so much forgotten in D. R. Congo. Most patients suffering from epilepsy never believed that epilepsy is a disease like any other diseases. Most of them believed that epilepsy is a disease from evil spirits, witchcraft, curse and so forth and this made epileptic patients be looked down upon and very many were chased from their homes. Most of the epileptic patients never used medicines, their parents or guardians took them to magicians, others took their patients to churches with the belief that it was an attack from the evil spirits and this did not in any way reduce the disease and the patients suffered a lot.

In helping the epileptic patients and bringing a solution to all this problems.

MHCD (mission in Health care and development) through Luvungi hospital opened a special department that concerns itself with the sensitization, treatment and supporting epileptic patients.

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Am so happy to let you know that on Saturday 7th July 2012. I was lucky to be chosen as the most promising development leader in the whole of D.R. Congo. The organization that carried out this research is called Research direhen your le develop­ment et la paid (Christian Network for peace and Development) based in Kinshasa, capital city of D.R Congo.

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Dear MHCD Friends,
Receive greetings from MHCD,Mission in Health Care and Development,Luvungi Naturopathic Hospital in Luvungi village,Uvira district,in Democratic Republic of Congo.We are very happy to inform you that.the hospital is progressing on very well and day by day we are receiving very many patients.In our hospital we have 3 main departments namely: Maternity,Pediatric and naturopathic and homeopathic department.We are focusing on treating people suffering from chronic,hereditary and tropical diseases,helping expectant women give birth especially those coming from very poor backgrounds and villages and treating children especially those who cannot afford medical care.Since the beginning of May 2011 ,we have been receiving 40 to 60 patients everyday.! was very very busy treating and consulting the people from 6;00a.m. to 6;00 p.m.


Receive greetings from MHCD,Mission in Health Care and Development,Bukavu,Uvira in Democratic republic of Congo.MHCD is a non-governmental organisation whose main objectives are to fight against chronic and hereditary diseases and reducing poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is now one year since MHCD started activities of sensitizing communities on Epilepsy.We realized that epilepsy is one of the killer diseases especially in Uvira district when we were organising mobile clinics ,we received many patients suffering from epilepsy but when


A research carried out by MHCD in Kenyan villages has indicated that 70% of expectant women give birth at home with the help of traditional midwives. In D.R. Congo the percentage is higher than in Kenya. The reasons why they preferred traditional midwives is that:-

  1. The traditional midwives are cheap and sometimes expectant mothers give birth free of charge.
  2. The traditional mid wives are very humble
  3. They give them food and drinks freely at no cost.

The major problem is that many traditional mid wives didn’t have the knowledge of safe delivery, lacked enough materials that made them to take high risks like assisting the expectant mother to deliver without putting on gloves, some used one blade to cut umbilical cords of over five children that posed a danger of HIV/AIDS infection. Some traditional midwives we interviewed in DR Congo said they used leaves to cut the umbilical cord.

In order to cub infant mortality rate and HIV infection among traditional midwives and expectant women, MHCD in collaboration with Birthing Kits Foundation Australia started organizing seminars. We were given birthing kits freely by Birthing Kits Foundation Australia which we are distributing freely to traditional midwives and governmental health centers in villages. Birthing Kits Foundation Australia supported MHCD to publish a book on traditional midwifery. The book has been published in Swahili which is the African language. The book has helped many traditional midwives in more than 4 countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda)

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