The children with the cleft lip or cleft palate abnormality.MHCD Mission in Health Care and Development would like to inform you that as from the 1st to the 30th of July 2015, we shall be having the cleft lip and pallate campaign. The campaign shall cover the whole of Uvira villages.

There are some families with children born with this abnormalities and people believe that its cause by witchcraft, demonic powers or that the parents are cursed. This has meant that mothers giving birth to children with the cleft lip or cleft palate abnormalities are chased from the homes and even in the villages. Most families are divorcing because of this problem and children who are born with these conditions are thrown away because they say that he or she is cursed.

This abnormality of the lips can be repaired by operation but the main problem is that in the whole of the South Kivu province there are no hospitals concerned with the operations or who are able to do the operations. The only place with doctors to do such operations is in Kinshasa and it’s very expensive. One operation is USD1500 which is a lot of money for any families in the villages to afford.

Since 2012, we have been receiving very many children with the same problem coming to look for solution at the MHCD Luvungi hospital. We tried doing counseling to the families and show them that it’s not witchcraft or a curse, it’s just an abnormality that can be repaired through operation and it’s very successful especially when the child is still young. The big challenge we face is that many families cannot afford money for the surgery let alone transport.

In bringing a solution to this problem in Uvira district, we contacted the department in charge of the physically handicapped under the Ministry of Health in DRCongo and which is involved with this programme.They helped us in getting the medical doctors who shall come to Uvira district to do the surgery for the victims.MHCD has donated Luvungi hospital, doctors and nurses and a place where those coming for surgery shall be hosted and all this is for free. We shall also host the doctors and pay for them the airticket.The team of doctors requested for medicine and equipments for operation which they estimated at USD70 per child and we have already registered a total of 120. children. We are kindly please requesting all well wishers reading this newsletter to support these children so that they can be operated on. Your support will help reconcile families and give them hope and save lives of these children because many of them have been rejected by their families and communities and they are living with their grandmothers in very difficult conditions.

The main objective of this campaign is to show the people of Uvira District that God is good and he loves them and to promote the good news of the lord Jesus Christ through medical ministry. We shall be evangelizing among the parents and communities during the month long operation. Also we want to show them that Jesus has got power over witchcraft and curses.Lastly, we shall be bringing together the separated families and preparing for them a good future.

I kindly please request all those reading this newsletter that you may pray for us that this ministry may be a success and that we may carry out the surgery among the children that we have planned and that we may get support for this course.

For more information or support please contact:

Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba

MHCD Director

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Tel: +243 994 931 840

Your support shall be highly appreciated.

Luvungi MHCD Hospital,

Community Rehabilitation Centre,

Organising committee.